Dark Lagoon

Dark Lagoon is maximal clean, simple and easy configurable IPS Community Suite 4.1 theme. Minimal design and fully responsive theme for your community. If you enjoy flat design, then you are in right place.

General Features

  • Upload Custom body background Image
  • Layout Row Max Width
  • Remove Main Category Title
  • Remove Header Background Color
  • Change header size
  • Layout Opacity
  • Enable/Disable Zebra View
  • Enable/Disble Grid Lines
  • Enable min-height Post Content
  • Custom User Navigation Color
  • Special Blue Lagoon Footer
  • Enable/Disable social media on header and footer
  • Colored/Solid Social icons
  • Rounded/Squared social icons
  • Rounded/Squared Buttons
  • Enable/Disable Blue Lagoon Footer
  • Boxed/Full-Widh Blue Lagoon Footer
  • Unlimited Blue Lagoon Footer Background Colors
  • Enable/Disable Default IPS Footer
  • Separate Blue Lagoon Footer from the Layout
  • Enable/Disable Breadcrumb Bottom
  • Social icons (by FontAwesome): Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, GitHub, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr, Pinterest, Rss, Vimeo, Reddit, Vine, Behance, Digg, SoundCloud, Steam, VK, Dribbble.
  • and more

Slider Features

  • Enable/Disable Slideshow
  • Enable/Disable Navigation Arrows
  • Custom Length of the fade transition
  • Custom Slideshow speed
  • Enable/Disable First, Second, Third Slide
  • Upload Slide Image
  • Custom texts for guests
  • Enable/Disable Slide Color Overlay
  • Unlimited Overlay Colors
  • Slider Content Position (Center, Left, Right)
  • Slide Title, Description, Color, Font Size, Font Weight, Text Shadow
  • Buttons sizes, colors, custom text, custom url
  • and more

Navbar Features

  • Enable/Disable Lagoon Navbar
  • Enable/Disable Navbar Home Icon
  • Enable/Disable Navbar Shadow
  • Enable/Disable Dropdown Shadow
  • Enable/Disable Menu Lines
  • Unlimited Navbar Colors
  • Unlimited Dropdown Colors
  • Unlimited Menu Hover Colors
  • Unlimited Menu Text Color
  • Unlimited Menu Hover Text Color
  • Unlimited Menu Lines Colors
  • Dropdown Animation: * Fade * Flip * Scale* Slide
  • more coming soon …