How to install Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Server (2016)

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a first-person shooter by Valve. Hosting your own server gives you full control over your game and game modes, so you can play the exact flavor of CS:GO you want. This guide contains instructions on how to download the dedicated server and launch the game server. You will need a Steam account and a copy of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A game server token is required to host a public CS:GO server. Without the token, client connections are restricted to the LAN only. Click here to get token key.

Recommended Distros: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or greater, Debian 6 or greater, CentOS 6 or greater. Csgoserver should run well on many distros as long as the minimum requirements are met.

In this guide i will show you how to install CS:GO server on CentOS 7.2 x64 and Ubuntu 16.04.1 x64 on VPS server from Digital Ocean.


Configure VPS Server

1. Update server:

yum -y update

2. Install EPEL Repository :

## CentOS 7.X ##
sudo rpm -Uvh epel-release-latest-7*.rpm
## CentOS 6.X ##
rpm -Uvh epel-release-6*.rpm

3. Verify EPEL Repo:

yum repolist

4. Install required dependencies:

## 64bit ##
yum install mailx postfix curl wget gzip bzip2 python tmux glibc.i686 libstdc++ libstdc++.i686
## 32bit ##
yum install mailx postfix curl wget gzip bzip2 python tmux libstdc++


Configure VPS Server

1. Update server:

sudo apt-get update

2. Install required dependencies:

## 64bit ##
sudo apt-get install mailutils postfix curl wget file gzip bzip2 bsdmainutils python util-linux tmux lib32gcc1 libstdc++6 libstdc++6:i386
## 32bit ##
sudo apt-get install mailutils postfix curl wget file gzip bzip2 bsdmainutils python util-linux tmux libstdc++6

5. Create user:

adduser csgoserver

6. Set password:

passwd csgoserver

7. Login as csgoserver:

su - csgoserver

Install CS:GO Server

8. Download the script:


9. Make it executable:

chmod +x csgoserver

10. Run the installer and follow the instructions:

./csgoserver install

Metamod and Sourcemod

11. Download and install Metamod Source:

cd /home/csgoserver/serverfiles/csgo
tar -zxvf mmsource-1.10.6-linux.tar.gz
rm mmsource-1.10.6-linux.tar.gz

12. Download and install Sourcemod:

cd /home/csgoserver/serverfiles/csgo
tar -zxvf sourcemod-1.8.0-git5928-linux.tar.gz
rm sourcemod-1.8.0-git5928-linux.tar.gz

Congrats, you are done!

All Commands

A complete list of commands can be found by typing ./csgoserver

Start server:

./csgoserver start

Stop server:

./csgoserver stop

Restart server:

./csgoserver restart


Console allows you to view the live console of a server as it is running and allow you to enter commands; if supported. To exit the console press “CTRL+b d”.

./csgoserver console

Update server:

Update checks for any server updates and applys them. The server will update and restart only if required.

./csgoserver update

Bypass the check and go straight to SteamCMD update:

./csgoserver force-update


You can use the validate option when updating the server.

./csgoserver validate


You can get all important and useful info about the server such as passwords, ports, config files etc. more info…

./csgoserver details


Use debug mode to help you if you are having issues with the server. Debug allows you to see the output of the server directly to your terminal allowing you to diagnose any problems the server might be having.

./csgoserver debug


Server logs are available to monitor and diagnose your server. Script, console and game server (if available) logs are created for the server



Backup will allow you to create a complete gzip archive of the whole server.

./csgoserver backup


LGSM can monitor the game server by checking that the proccess is running and querying it. Should the server go offline LGSM can restart the server and send you an alert. You can use cronjobs to setup monitoring.

./csgoserver monitor

If you need any help about installation or configuration, just lave your comment below.


  • Happy

    Thanks a lot!

  • Martin Hansen

    I can not seem to join the server after installation and start of the server. When I use ./csgoserver details I can see that it’s online.
    I’ve only run across one possible error:
    When I restart the server, it won’t quit RCON and therefore gives an ERROR after 30 sec.

    I’ve granted 777 permissions to all folders inside csgoserver.

    Hope you can help. 🙂